rhosneigr from the beach

Compiled & Edited by T.T.M.Hale.

Rhosneigr People & Places

Publication Date - February 2017.

Contents : 208 pages in Eleven detailed chapters about Rhosneigr-related events, and the stories behind some of the people and places associated with this popular seaside village.

Find Out :

  • Who was the Pioneering Submarine Commander, born at the Maelog Lake Hotel, who became one of our greatest Fighting Admirals ?
  • Why was 18th century Rhosneigr described as a 'Godless, Worthless village' ?
  • What became of the pilot who flew his Wellington Bomber under the main span of the Menai Bridge - just to win a bet ?
  • Who were the plundering shipwreck robbers of Rhosneigr's Crigyll bay ?
  • Why did Charming Jenny and the Earl of Chester find Rhosneigr such a dangerous place ?
  • Who's wife was found "dead and half naked in the pounding surf" and why did that become a story of national interest ?

Discover more about :

  • The Rhosneigr Artist who painted a postage-stamp size painting for Queen Mary's dolls' house.
  • The little Welsh housemaid who became Florence Nightingale's kitchen-maid, housekeeper and cook.
  • The two shoolboys who so impressed General Sikorski, the Polish Prime Minister, that he sent them a specially engraved gift.
  • The Royal Artillery Gunner who marched his squad over a flowerbed, dropped out of the army and eventually became a highly respected radio and music broadcaster.
  • The Confused & Exhausted ship Captain whose Tea Clipper sank in the bay, and all the Sugar was lost!

Plus lots more 'Then and Now' images of Old Rhosneigr.

'Rhosneigr - People and Places' is now available from Amazon and from selected local shops on Anglesey.

ISBN 978-0956296214

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