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Corrections to 'Rhosneigr - Memories'

p12, 2nd paragraph.
Michael Selwood has asked me to point out that he is still Alive & Kicking and not dead - as the past tense of this paragraph implies.
p54 & p60
The Maelog lake is now registered as a Village Green (from c2005) after work by the community council to safeguard the rights of the community to use it for recreational purposes.
p81 - Brian met his wife in the Rialto dance hall, but she had not been working there.
p84 - The ship in the painting is the 'Primrose Hill' not the Royal Charter.



Corrections to 'Rhosneigr - Then & Now'

I feel it is important for the corrections to be included with every copy of the book, and would encourage book owners to print off a copy of this page and include it in the back of their own copy.

The following corrections are those I know about, if you know of any others, Please contact me, and I will amend this document.

Errors and Mistakes in something that purports to be a factual History book are irritating, frustrating, annoying and can be hurtful. If you have been affected by these inadvertent errors or mistakes, I sincerely apologise and hope you will forgive me.

Factual corrections

page 16

Myn-y-Llyn should be Min-y-Llyn

page 18

Lakeside Bungalow was originally built for W. Douglas Jones, the architect being Richard Davies of Bangor.

page 38

2nd paragraph, last sentence (naming Mona Cottage) is incorrect and should read :

Glan y Don can be seen on the extreme right and Ty Plant on the extreme left.

page 45

1st paragraph - the spring on the beach in front of The Castle, may not be from the covered well.  It's source is indeterminate.

Paragraph 3, commencing “There is a tale...”, is incorrect and should be deleted in its entirety.  Hafod Wen was completed before the war and was always constructed as a private house.

page 46

paragraph 3, first sentence – probably incorrect.  Although built in 1920, Windygates may have only had an extra room built on and a door knocked through.

page 51

Penultimate paragraph.

“Ieuan and Elizabeth Williams” should read

“Ieuan and Elizabeth Lloyd-Williams”

page 59

Second paragraph – “Martin” should read “Martyn”

page 71

‘Selbourne’ should be spelled ‘Selborne’ (it was mis-spelled by the printer on the leaflet in 1926).

A.G.Hooper was a Liberal MP, not Labour.

page 76

Second paragraph, last sentence.

“Mrs Cole was more usually called Polly” should read

“Mrs Cockram was more usually called Polly”.

page 90

last paragraph - "Raymond Goldsmith" should read "Robert Goldsmith".

page 97

5th paragraph. Glantraeth also noted as Glantreath.

6th paragraph. “Raymond Goldsmith” should read “Robert Goldsmith”

page 100

Top photo (geese) is from the M.Bartley collection.

page 116

Saint Cwyfan was an 7th Century Irish Saint (not 18th Century)

Minor technical corrections

page 2 (acknowledgements) last sentence of penultimate paragraph. “from from” should read “from”.

page 4 & 5 (introduction) should have my name (T.T.M.Hale) at the bottom.

page 51

paragraph 1 – “Angelsey” should read “Anglesey”.

penultimate paragraph – “chip dispensing” (for clarification) should read “potato-chip dispensing”.

page 84

first sentence should read “This fascinating edifice...”

page 86

black keyline to upper photo is missing.

page 107

Top photo – man on wall on LHS has been inadvertently omitted.

page 129-132

Index omitted people’s names, needs recompiling one day.

Minor additions

page 65

Final sentence on page – Runnel Stones closed in 1991.

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